Spinning a Tale


The performance 'Spinning a Tale' is a unique interpretation of the classic fairy-tale 'Sleeping Beauty', created through puppets, wool, and dance.
The show presents the journey of a princess, as she leaves her safe and calm world, to explore the exiting outside world. A prick of her finger on a knitting needle puts her into a deep sleep. How will she wake up?
The show is weaved from the two actresses, their movements, and their skirts, that are transformed from clothing articles to scenery, from mellowness to danger, and from danger to a deep, enchanting slumber.
A unique experience for both children and parents

Coming Shows
16.10 Tue 17:00

Created by: Hadas Tzadik and Rina Pinchover
Direction: Yael Erlich-Morag
Original music Composition: Ido Roth
Production: Bait 9