The Board of Directors and the Theater Management have decided to proceed with opening the International Puppet Festival - Jerusalem, as planned, for the general audience.

The opening event for the invited guests will not take place in light of the harsh reality.

We feel that it is our duty as a cultural institute to create a different reality for the children, parents, youth and adults. A different reality which is currently much needed. It is our practical and modest way of trying to bring happiness and joy.

We believe in the power of art and artists to create a challenging yet reconciled world, poetic and imaginative, especially at this time.

Together we create an important break from reality with a solid existence, as an alternative to the stress, fears and terror.

The festival is working to further initiatives that will bring the residence from the south of Israel to the theater performances and activities free of charge.

See you at the festival,

 Theater Management, Staff and Artists.



The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
A Collection from the theater's repertoire
A Touch of Light
Amanili Sings
Stumble On To
Where is Mrs. Gabbai?
A Man with a Puppet
Dreaming Animals
Here Come the Giant Puppets! August 2010
Festival of Light and Shade - Hanukkah 2009
Illustrated Stories Festival Hanukkah 2010
The Queen's Daughter and the Moon
Jan's daughter
Gulliver - The Journey to Lilliput
Aunt Frieda: The Museum
Private Collection
Who's Afraid of the Bogey Man?
Far Over the Sea
Granny Knits a Story
Three Bears and a Girl called Goldilocks
Quick Goose
The Cubes Circus
The Marzipan Fairy
The Fairies Feast - Lauching of the book "The Heart of The Puppet"
The International Festival of Puppet Theater 2007
The International Festival of Puppet Theater 2008
The International Festival of Puppet Theater 2009
The International Festival of Puppet Theater 2010
The International Festival of Puppet Theater 2011
The International Festival of Puppet Theater 2012
"Public Works" project 2006
"Public Works" project 2007
"Public Works" project 2008
"Public Works" project 2009
"Public Works" project 2010
"Public Works" Project 2011
"Public Works" Project 2012
Purim Shpiel in the Circus 2010
Purim Shpiel in the Land of Pirates 2012
Two Ladies and Pepper
Rain Bird - A Paper Tale
Workshop - The Actor and the Object by Agnes Limbos 2010
The music box
Guliver French version

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