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The 24
th edition of the festival will take place during August 9-13, 2015

The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem, the biggest in the country, hosts the best artists in the field worldwide and from Israel.

The Train Theater initiated the Festival in 1983. Since 2001 the Festival has become an annual event, taking place every August in Jerusalem

Five days of Visual theater experience celebrating modern and traditional approaches, aimed to children, the whole family and adults.

The Festival's program:

The Festival selects performances based on variety, quality and relevance, and it has hosted many artists known for their contribution to the field of puppetry and Visual Theater.

During the years, the Festival has become renown internationally as well the primal source of creation and inspiration in the field of Puppet, Object and Visual Theater in Israel.

Israeli Productions - The Festival hosts the best of the Israeli Creation, experienced and fresh Israeli artists share stages. The works are selected on uniqueness and outstanding artistic high quality

Foreign Productions – Every year, the Festival invites several artists in the field chosen by the selective artistic board

Sabras - The program offers a panoramic window of the young original Israeli creation aimed to adults

Cabaret – Multi-disciplinary cabaret evening in the courtyard - open to all

International Exposure Program - worldwide festival visual theater directors are our honored guests, having the opportunity to meet Israeli showcase selection and international artists.  

Public Works:

Special project target to reinforce the link between the theater activities to its community.

Every year, different neighborhood in Jerusalem is chosen. The works exit the confines of the theater hall out into alternative performance spaces. This project exposes the audience to a unique, fresh and surprising creation that still is in the production process; audiences and artists alike are invited on a joint excursion and charming artistic adventure.


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