Hila Cohen-Nitzan | the Train Theater

Hila Cohen-Nitzan


B.A. with honors in the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

Puppetry - the School of Puppetry and Drama (Dvora Zafrir) and The Holon School of Puppetry.

Main works

  • The Cat in Boots
  • Kav. Nekooda!

Artistic language

As an artist, I aim for a combination of motion and in different materials. The material (modelling clay/cardboard/paper/natural material etc.) is a key in the interpretation of the story. This way, the actor and the material, the visual and the message, are brought together to create a complete artistic-theatrical experience.

Grants and awards

"Best Performance" for Dream Theater: "WoMan Stage" Non Verbal Theater Festival 2013

Performances with this Artist