Tzipor Promkin | the Train Theater

Tzipor Promkin

1992 – Graduated from the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem

Major Productions
Thesis: “Oh, Christ!" presented in Israel and Germany

  • 2015 – Wrote text for the play, “A Sick Day for Morris McGee"
  • 2012 – Directed “Pirate in the Bath"; wrote a children’s story to be published by Keter
  • 2006 to present – “Grandma Knitting"
  • 1995 – “I Murdered Tommy," a show for adults at HaBamah Theater, together with Miryam Salzberg; performed at international festivals in Israel, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and others

Participated in several performances of the Train Theater, including “Secrets in the Palace," "The Marzipan Fairy," and “Dreaming Animals," and the street performance "Doll Hospital"


  • “I Murdered Tommy": three awards at international festivals
  • “Grandma Knitting": Award of the Year for Children, Puppet and Props Design Award 
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