Maayan Resnick | the Train Theater

Maayan Resnick


Graduate of the School of Visual Theater


  • A Sick Day for Morris McGee – visual language, design and acting
  • Overflow – design, direction and puppet manipulation
  • Alice – Improvisation
  • Platero and I – Acting and puppet manipulation
  • Three Desires and Silence – design and manipulation in the Yerma sequence
  • Tiny Ocean - The play won Honorable Mention award at the 2016 Haifa International Children's Theater Festival

Puppet design

  • Long Haired Cat-Boy Cub – HaNefesh Theater
  • Milk Milk Lemonade – Haifa Theater
  • Booba Shel Layla ­– TV show
  • The House by the Lake – HaZira Performance Art Arena
  • The Best in People – Dimona Theater
  • The Princess and the Hedgehog
  • The City of Happiness – Snabel Theater, Jerusalem

Artistic language

The search is made in several levels: Handicraft with different materials and techniques, the manipulation of the puppet and examination of its physical abilities, the study of the relations between puppet and operator, external inspiration, self-talk – whatever I have on my mind. All those different levels fuel and motivate the creative process, enrich each other and come together to create a unified whole.

Grants and awards

  • Scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for visual art and direction
  • Scholarship from the Jerusalem Art Foundation
  • "Beautiful puppet manipulation" award at the International Festival of Puppet Theater in Warsaw, Poland.

A little bit about me

I am a puppeteer – I sculpt, paste, saw, mold, puncture, take apart, put together, add, carry, find, schlep, knock, discover, sew, miss, drill holes, bend… I get a thrill from opening new molds and purchasing new hardware, I love discovering some new material which simply does the job…  I love working and – breathing, observing, getting excited, falling in love, touching, trying, experimenting, moving, leaving, listening, staying, getting sucked in, being bold, writing, illustrating, directing, playing, singing, enlivening, communicating, telling a story…Bowing and thanking.

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