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Natalia Rosenthal


  • The Gift Train (2014), created by Natalia and Abraham Cohen.  Designer, operator, actor.
  • The Gift Train (2013).  Designer, operator, actor in the theatrical production and the Neighborhood Outreach Program (see description below).
  • The Fairies’ Feast (2009).  Participated in the event to honor the launching of the book, The Heart of the Puppet: The New Art of Puppetry, celebrating 25 years of the Train Theater.
  • Joseph is in Love (2009), by Roni Nelken.  Designer.
  • In the Puppets' Garden (2008).  Designer, operator, actor in the theatrical production and the Neighborhood Outreach Program.
  • Who Is Peeking at My Theater (2006).  Actor in the Neighborhood Outreach Program.
  • Two Ladies and Pepper (2005).  Stage and prop designer and actor, in collaboration with Naomi Fulver.
  • The Garden of Sweets (2005).  Designer and actor in the Neighborhood Outreach Program.
  • The Knitting Story (2005), by Tzipor Frumkin.  Stage and prop designer.
  • A Sense of Reality (2004).  Designer and actor in a series of theatrical productions about the five senses.
  • Dreaming Animals (2003).  Creator, designer, operator, actor.
  • Little Red Riding Hood and a Green Dress (2001), by Sharon Bar Ezer.  Co-designer.
  • The Fulfiller of Expectations (1999), by Miriam Zalzberg and Tzipor Frumkin.  Performance designer.
  • Mixing Up Colors (1996), by Naomi Fulver.  Co-designer with Patricia O'Donovan.
  • The Marzipan Fairy (1994).  Creator, designer, operator, actor.
  • Secrets in the Palace (1993).  Creator, designer, operator, actor.
  • A Box Theater (1992), by Naomi Fulver.  Designer.
  • The Legend of Jeru-Salem (1992), by Roni Mosenson Nelken.  Designer.

Other productions

  • Ring the Farewell Bells (2010).  Stage and prop designer.  Theater in the Courtyard.
  • 1994 puppet designer for the theatrical production.  The Al Kasaba Theater, East Jerusalem.
  • The Nicest Voice (1992).  Costume designer.  Nissan Nativ Studio.


  • 1992: Student designer and operator, Beauty and the Beast, The School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem.
  • The show was also performed at the International Festival of Puppet Theater at Charleville-Mézières, France.
  • 1991: Concluded studies at the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem.

Neighborhood Outreach Program

Between 2005 and 2014, the Train Theater conducted a special art project inviting both actors and the audience to leave the auditorium and travel to different Jerusalem neighborhoods to participate in an  alternative theater experience.

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