Liat Shabtai | the Train Theater

Liat Shabtai

Professional Studies

  • Graduate of the Train Theater’s Greenhouse 4 Program
  • Graduate in Theater Studies from Kibbutzim College of Education
  • Graduate in Acting from the Room Theater

Professional Experience


  • “Small Sea” – concept, language development, design, stage management and performance. In cooperation with Ma’ayan Resnick.
  • Premiered at the Haifa Festival
  • “Heisha & Maisha” – directing, writing and performance. A clown act in partnership with Rotem Goldenberg.
  • “Attention All Passengers” – writing and performance. In cooperation with the Youth Ensemble of the Train Theater, Jerusalem.
  • “Popcorn Circus” – production, design, language development and performance. Premiering at the Jerusalem Puppet Theater Festival.
  • “Her Story” – adaptation, puppet design and performance.
  • “Life in a Tin Can” – writing and performance. A one-woman show premiering at the Jerusalem Puppet Theater Festival.
  • “Bullet Within a Frame” – direction and language development. Object theater in cooperation with Shiri Lavandiger. Premiering at the Clipa Aduma Festival.
  • Holot Theatre – Political theater by asylum seekers and Israelis.

Performances with the Jerusalem Theater Company

  • “The Beauty Queen Dances in Jerusalem”
  • “Minds” ( Israel Festival)
  • “Ego”
  • “Poetry”
  • “Secrets of the Valleys”

Other performances

  • “A Raise in Salary”
  • “Family Yassin and Lucy in the Sky” – stage management. Directed by Nola Chelton.
  • “The House of Bernarda Alba” – directed by Rena Yerushalmi.

Performances with the Improvisation Company

  • “New Reality”
  • “Salon Theater”

Performed improvisations for

  • Simultech Medical Center
  • Assaf HaRofeh Hospital
  • Kaplan Hospital
  • Hebrew Union College

Awards and Prizes

  • Citation for children’s performance of “Small Sea” at the Haifa Festival
  • Best Actress Award for performance in the film ”From Tomorrow”
  • Inbalim Award of the Kibbutzim College of Education for 2011 and 2012 performances
  • Kibbutzim College of Education Award for Scene Direction 2012

A few words about myself

I am an actress, and inquisitive. I love to act on the stage and explore material, to dance in tune with my own body, and to enable objects to dance. I like to perform with puppets, to request that words write themselves into a story. I believe in theatre that can be a vehicle to change society. I love to inquire and to find solutions, to invent stories and tell them in a variety of versions. I search for new challenges and adventures, set goals for myself, and dream of new shows.


מופעים בהשתתפותו/ה