Danielle Cohen Levy | the Train Theater

Danielle Cohen Levy

Born in Tel Aviv
Director, writer, creative artist


  • M.F.A. with honors, Tel Aviv University, 2014 Integrated Program of Performance Analysis and Investigative Creative-Artist, Faculty of the Arts, Department of Theater Arts
  • ​B.Ed. with honors, The Kibbutzim College Performing Art School, 2009 Directing and Teaching Drama

Selected Works

Wrote, directed and acted

  • Worst Case Scenario, Acre Festival of Alternative Theater, 2015; Tm-una Theater, 2016; Brighton Fringe Festival, England
  • Over Her Dead Body, Tm-una Theater’s A-Genre Festival, 2014
  • I Am a Woman Warrior, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University, and The Reuven Rubin Museum, 2014
  • Renata Brown, Bashevis Singer Festival, Lublin, Poland, and Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 2011

Wrote and/or directed

  • The Advocate (director: Yigal Zaks), Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio, Tel Aviv, 2014
  • Elik’s Bicycle, the SmallBama Festival, Tel Aviv University, 2012
  • They Say It Will Begin in July, The Interdisciplinary Center, Jerusalem, 2010

Adapted and directed

Why Did the Fish Cry? Oded Burla, The Train Theater, Jerusalem (premieres August 2016)

  • Galia’s Wedding, A.B. Yehoshua, Jaffa Theater, 2011
  • A Different Father, Nira Harel, Theatronetto Festival for Children, Jaffa, 2010
  • Woyzeck, Georg Büchner, Kibbutzim College, 2009

Concept development and play management

  • My Ex-Step-Mother-in-Law written by Naomi Yo’eli,  The Interdisciplinary Center, 2015


  • 2015 Worst Case Scenario, Acre Festival Unique Stage Language Prize Lighting Prize Soundtrack Design prize
  • 2013  The Advocate Original Play Scholarship “Starting Point” National Lottery Prize for the Performing Arts
  • 2012 Acting Scholarship Agnon Writing Contest, Tel Aviv University
  • 2009 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship for Directing
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