Gony Paz | the Train Theater

Gony Paz

Interdisciplinary artist, puppeteer, performer and tap dancer


  • The Visual Arts Theater
  • The School of Art and Puppet Theater, Holon
  • The Isis School for Medical Clowns, Jaljulia

Theater projects

Participates and creates works for the stage for children and adults
including co-producing “Night Tours” with Michal Ben Anat of the

Puppet Theater

“Adventures Of The Perfectly Behaved Donkey” at the Haifa Theater
Other entertainment projects include “Sesame Street” and a whole range
of programs on the Hop! Channel, Nickelodeon, Baby, BFTV, and others

Personal statement

I believe with all my heart and soul that animation is mutual and that when I bring something to life, it also animates me.

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