Evening events in the Khan Courtyard at 22:00

Entrance is free

Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 15

Join us in celebrating the Puppet Festival’s 25th anniversary with wine and cake!

Songs, surprises and prizes.

Please welcome the cabaret players: Ronit Kano, Gil Beit Halachmi, Goni Paz, Ayala/Rochale Dangor

Master of ceremonies and candle lighter: Naomi Yoeli*

*Dr. Naomi Yoeli is an independent artist and creator for children and adults, she has served as the artisitic consultant for the Train Theater's artists for the past decade. 

Tuesday, August 16

Arik Eber and Isaac DaBom featuring Shay-li Djamchid

A celebration of the finely-honed spoken word mixed with guitar and songs sung from the heart

Wednesday, August 17

A medley of the best excerpts of the KoomKoom Theater accompanied by gypsy-punk – Eastern European rhythms with more than just a hint of the Mediterranean, performed by Folk Brigade

Koom-Koom Theater: Andrei Urbakh, Katia Urbakh

Folk Brigade: Anton Kutzer, Ilya MaZeh, Dror Shimoni, Boris Gutman

Thursday, August 18


The singer and theater creator, Yael Rasooli, invites you to her performance of chansons and music from the 1920s - 1940s ─ a journey in time to the smoky, glittering lanes of Paris.

invites you on a journey back in time, to the Chansons and music of the 20's-40's!

Accompanied by a band of brilliant musicians, musical direction and arrangement- Ilya Magalnyk 

Staring special Guest Adam Mader- Violin, trumpet, guitar, mandolin, flute and more!