the Train Theater


Moran Duvshani
Hebrew, English

A private listening session to the melody of your heart.

This participatory piece hosts one visitor at a time.

You are invited to a three-stage journey that starts by undergoing an ECG test and

ends by listening to the unique melody generated by your own heart.

Each person is invited at an exact time 

The private show will last 20 minutes

When selecting "show time" from the purchase menu, a page will open in which you will be able to choose an exact time

Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult

Please arrive 5 min. prior to selected showtime. 

St. Andrews, Church of Scotland

Price ₪ 25

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Creator: Moran Duvshani

Artistic guidance: Ruth Hof

Objects construction: Shaul Duvshani

Music consultant: Laila Shuala

Costume design: Mai Aylon

Co-creators: Rotem Goldenberg and Roey Schurr

Cardiophone operatores: Laila Bettermann, Mai Aylon