Prices & Discounts​

Fairies & Elves - presale

25 NIS

Fairies & Elves - full price

40 NIS

Children shows - presale

45 NIS

Children shows - full price

60 NIS

Adult shows - presale

60 NIS 

Adult shows - full price

80 NIS

The Cellist, Cardiophone

25 NIS

Presale tickets until 17.08.19

until midnight

For information: *3569

You may call starting 21.7.19, Sun.-Thurs. 10:00 - 17:00

Children's Club Member

8 children's show tickets:
Presale 250 NIS / Full price 360 NIS


Adults & Youth Club Member
4 Adult &Youth show tickets:
Presale 200 NIS / Full price 240 NIS

The Members Club does not include The Village of Fairies & Elves, Cardiophone, The Cellistll the shows must be reserved upon purchasing any of the memberships

You must present a barcode ticket upon entry (home-printed or on cellular device). 
Printed tickets will be available at the main box office upon request.
No double discounts | Tickets are required for all ages | Entry will not be permitted for latecomers | We reserve the right to make changes | Free events are on a first come first served basis | Please arrive ten minutes before the beginning of the show