International Exposure Program

In collaboration Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Division for Cultural Diplomacy

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Thomas Best

The International Festival encourages continuous dialogue between artists, theater groups and audience through cultural meeting and exchange.

Serving this propose an “International Exposure Program" is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel.

Several artistic directors from around the world are invited to join the festival celebration. 

Next festival edition will be between the dates 18-22 August 2019. 

The geographical location, the political context, the spiritual atmosphere and the variety of people involved in the event, all contribute to the uniqueness of the Puppet Festival in Jerusalem.

The program offers:

-          Lodging 

-          Tickets for the Festival shows without charge

-          Special networking events between participants and artists

The Flight tickets should be covered by the guest.

The number of participants in the project is limited.

If you are interested in participating, please send to Natalia A. Saied an e-mail with the following details:

personal name of the contestant, location & name of the organization, website, personal e-mail address and telephone number, by May 1st 2019. 

For further information: 

Natalia Amelia Saied - International Exposure Program coordinator, The Train Theater

Israel Ministry of  Foreign Affairs:

Ziv Nevo Kulman - Head of Division for Cultural Diplomacy

Anat Gilead - Director of Arts Department

Rachel Nir - Performing Arts Section


International Exposure Program For Puppetry and Visual Theater 2017