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Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

The Jerusalem Puppet Festival encourages continuous dialogue between artists, theater groups and audience through cultural meeting and exchange.

Serving this propose we hold the International Exposure

The Train Theater invites professionals and delegates to participate in the 14th Israeli International Exposure of Visual Theater and Puppetry, at the 29th Jerusalem Puppet Festival, from 2nd-6th August 2020.

The Festival presents the best of Israeli and international visual theater and puppetry for children and adults. The Israeli creation invents itself taking inspiration from broad disciplines, intense and vivid reality, bold and poetic approach.

Join us in a five days celebration in this unique city!

The festival is the annual meeting of the local artists-family. The venues and activities are in walkable distance. We encourage personal and professional encounters while seeing the well-curated program and participating in network events, varying in styles and contents.

In 2020 edition,  will include a special outdoor event - Art Site for children gathering performance and visual arts about 'Space Odysey'; and about 7 international shows.

The program offers:

-          Festival pass 

-          Special networking events between participants and artists

You are welcome to contact  Natalia Amelia Saied - International Exposure Program coordinator, The Train Theater: for registration and any question.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Jerusalem and celebrate the very next Jerusalem Puppet Festival.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel, selected guests receive support in lodging. 
Israel Ministry of  Foreign Affairs:

Ziv Nevo Kulman - Head of Division for Cultural Diplomacy

Anat Gilead - Director of Arts Department

Sharon Kabalo- Performing Arts Section

International Exposure Program For Puppetry and Visual Theater 2017