International Exposure Schedule

Jerusalem Puppet Theater


Please see the schedule for the 5 festival days.

Our default is to reserve a ticket for each of the events, if you prefer not to assist one of them, let me know at your earliest convenience.

All the shows venues are in a walkable distance. The meeting on Monday needs a ride and on Wednesday mid-day 15 minutes walking distance.

Sunday 18th

18:00 Meeting at Mishkenot Shaananim guesthouse reception

We will present ourselves and walk together through the Old City to the opening event at Zedekiah's Cave by Damascus Gate

20:00 A Concert in the Sand, The Train Theater premiere

21:00 refreshment & greetings

22:00 Concert

Monday 19th

Between from 9:00 – 9:50 you can arrive to The Train Theater offices to purchase the festival pass (100 € in cash or credit card) and receive the tickets.

10:00 Summer Rain

11:30 The Singing City

12:30 International Exposure - Artists and Directors Meeting

Beit Alliance is allocated by Mahane Yehuda Market

16:00 Hungry Sandwich

17:00 Dumpu Dinki (DE)

18:00 Up & Down Story

19:00 The Village of Fairies & Elves – special production

21:00 TAVAS

22:30 Plastic Heroes

Tuesday 20th  

10:00 Tailor Made

11:00 Relaxed Performance: The Lost Crown

12:00 Moustache the Cat

13:00 Band Aid project presentation

16:00 The Circus of Genesis

18:00 Wild Puppets (BE/IL)

19:30 FREEZE! (NL)

21:00 Silvery

22:30 Cheap Plastic Toy

Wednesday 21st

10:00 Alef-Bet Legend

11:00 Peter and the Wolf

12:30 Artists Dialogue

14:00 Invitation to a Gallery talk at Mamuta Art Research Center

The center is allocated in Hansen House

16:00 Stork's Gift (LT)

17:30 Love Machine

19:45 Sounds & Shadows – Festival Special Production

21:00 The Masters

22:30 Boxed

During the afternoon each guest could assist to Cardiophone, Private listening to the melody of the heart at St Andrews Church of Scotland. Further details will be online soon.

Thursday 22nd

10:00 A Sick Day for Morris McGee

11:00 The Train Theater presentation at Mishkenot Shaananim Convention Center

16:00 IPET (NL)

18:00 Toto & Friends

19:00 Time for closure and a small dance

21:00 Jerusalem Puppet Jam – Festival Special Production, closing event