PuppetVan | the Train Theater


The Mobile Theater Of Jerusalem

Photography: Dor Kedmi

Photography: Dor Kedmi | PuppetVan 2015

Photography: Dor Kedmi | PuppetVan 2014

Photography: Dor Kedmi | PuppetVan 2014

It’s like that old familiar mobile ice cream truck that chimes out its arrival and is eagerly followed around by children, or the tradition of European puppet theater where the wandering puppeteer performs in the center of town.

The PuppetVan project gives local communities the opportunity to share an experience that enriches their daily lives, weaves diverse relationships between neighbors, and brings with it a spirit of partnership and celebration.

This is an artistic-theatrical event, accessible to children all over Jerusalem, regardless of cultural background or socioeconomic status.

Performances are not language-dependent and are appropriate for all neighborhoods and sectors, including Arab, ultra-Orthodox and secular.

The Train Theater is happy to be hosted in Jerusalem’s neighborhoods, to meet its audience “at home,” and to generate new audiences as its guests in Liberty Bell Park and during the Festival.

Artistic production: The Train Theater, Mamuta Art and Media Center
Auto design: The Underground Academy
Logistics and production: Natalia Saied
Graphic design: Maya Wayne

PuppetVan: 2014 Production
Jonathan Ben Haim
Guest artists: Dan Grodzinski, Yuval Roth, Tal Ginat, Avraham Cohen, Nili Gufnan
Designers: Hagar Goren, Itamar Mendes-Flohr, Yeshaiahu Rabinowitz, Ktura Manor
Producer: Shlomit Yaacov

PuppetVan: 2015 Production
Guest artists: Losha and Sharon Gavrielov
Designers: Yeshaiahu Rabinowitz, Sarah Wendt, Ktura Manor
Producer: Yotam Michael Yogev

PuppetVan is a joint artistic project of The Train Theater and the Mamuta Art and Media Center at Hansen House, a center for artistic creation, encounters, research and display of art; and a project of the Sala-Manca Group and the Hearat Shulayim Foundation. The project is based on The Puppet Van Theater, created in the Art, Mobility and Activism course at Bezalel Academy.

Supported by the Jerusalem Municipality and The Train Theater