And My Heart Almost Stood Still/ Premiere | the Train Theater

And My Heart Almost Stood Still/ Premiere

Ari Tepperberg
without words

Thilo Neubacher

Yair Meyuhas

Thilo Neubacher


I stand before you with my eyes tightly closed. The shadows that you create bring me back to life. Can we become deaf and blind together? Can we turn our most tender feelings into communication?

This work was inspired by a letter written by Helen Keller, the renowned blind and deaf activist, to the New York Symphony Orchestra. She relates how she was able to “hear” their performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony just by gently holding a radio and feeling the vibrations.

Shadow theater and objects


Created and performed by Ari Tepperberg

Co-creator, musician and performer: Avshalom Ariel

Co-creator, sound designer, performer: Tomer Demsky

Light and stage designer: Omer Sheizaf

Production and international relations: Katherine Vasilyadis

Produced together with the Westflügel Theater, Leipzig, Germany together with AB-the Independent Artists Organization