On Paris, Love and a Good Ending

Jaques Templeraud ,Ornan Braier, Ronit kano & Gershon Waiserfirer

Paris Bonjour
An historical play by the Master of object theater, Jacques Templeraud, where everything is made out of not-nothing: paper, love letters and tree stars twinkling in our dreams before bed.

An actor, objects and a few words.

Created and Performed by: Jacques Templeraud | Photo: René Sauloup

Love Machine

Come fall in love! An amazing machine that makes dreams out of love…
A music box in which a lonely man resides, opening doors to a hidden world…

A play without words, combining animation, objects, music and lots and lots of love.

Created and performed by: Ornan Braier

Photo: Dor Kedmi


A Chain of Unfortunate Events with a Good Ending


“Let’s say you’re someone’s guest. And you’re invited to eat burgers let’s say, and you don’t like them at all. What will you do? Will you eat them politely, bite after bite, or spit it all out and yell: Yuck!”


Two anarchist children’s stories, musically performed in rock arrangements.


Text, Melodys, On stage: Ronit Kano

Musician, On Stage: Gershon Waiserfirer


55 NIS - Early bird tickets, available until 08/11/18 by midnight or until sold out. 

75 NIS - Standard price, available after early bird tickets sell out and on festival dates. 


Paris Bonjour - Created and performed by: Jaques Templaraud

Love Machine- Created and performed by: Ornan Braier

A Chain of Unfortunate Events with a Good Ending- Text, Melodys, On stage: Ronit Kano, Musician, On Stage: Gershon Waiserfirer