Quick Goose


Performed in Hebrew A sly fox kidnaps Quick Goose right out from under the noses of the children in the audience. With the help of Zivit, a brave hedgehog, the children succeed to outsmart the fox and send him away. 

What the critics said

The children were mesmerizedand laughed full heartedly Yitzhak Pecker does his work diligentlyretains a sense of humorand gives the audience a good time RecommendedYitzhak Shore, The Jerusalem Voice Radio

The puppeteers make all of the sounds and tastefully involve the children throughout the play Hats off its creators This play is an impressive theatrical experience Do not miss itSarah Arnon, Yediot Ahronot Newspaper

Throughout the play which is peppered with humor the children are introduced to various puppetry techniques Their participation in the play excites them and introduces a level of tension that keeps them awake and attentive throughoutYaron Sachish, Jerusalem Newspaper 

Participated in the following festivals:

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem
  • The Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater
  • The Magic of Fairytales" Festival, Tel Aviv 


Director, Actor and Puppeteer:
Yitzhak Pecker
Puppet and Stage Design: 
Esther Kogan-Pecker​
Translation: Larissa Levin
Production: The Train Theater