On The Theater Of The Marionettes / Premiere

Patricia O’Donovan

Inspired on the essay “On The Theater Of The Marionettes” by Heinrich von Kleist

In his famous composition, Kleist writes, “We lost the unity of body and soul we once had in Paradise. We must reinvent the same sense of unity. This unity is present in the relation between the center of gravity of the puppet and the soul of the puppeteer…”

Onstage, Mr. K plays the puppet that reinvents himself to become more and more inanimate. Mr. K searches for a way that does not sit well with the rules, givens and expectations which are incumbent on him as a soldier, ballet dancer and fencer. Mr. K slowly breaks down, but just moments before turning into a soulless marionette, he finds perfection in his relationship with the operator who manipulates him.

The play consists of puppets, objects and the thin line that separates puppets from the puppeteer.

הזמנת כרטיסים

Directed, written and designed by Patricia O’Donovan

Performance: Patricia O’Donovan and Mario Keizman

Music: Yitai Binnun

Dramaturgy: Yael Citron

Photography: David Lochred

Stage construction and puppet bed: Mario Keizman

Produced by the Ambulo Theater


The Israel National Lottery Council