International artist participation at Jerusalem Puppet Festival | the Train Theater

International artist participation at Jerusalem Puppet Festival

Thank you for your interest in the Jerusalem Puppet Festival!

The selction process is all year round (no formal process or deadline), while selecting the program about 18-10 months ahead.

We do prefer to see the shows live, so please mention where you are planned to perform - in your country and internationally. 

You can send propositions for children or adults, our program includes both. It happens mainly indoor with some outdoor events. 

The festival curates visual theater in a very wide range - where the image leads, rather than text. 

This is why we highly preferred non-verbal shows, while for adults English is acceptable, sometimes with subtitles. 

You are welcome to fill the form HERE so we can get to know you and follow your work. 

In case we find your work suitable, we will contact you and discuss further details. 

Hope to see in Jerusalem!

The Train Theater & Jerusalem Puppet Festival team