Story theater with Galia

תיאטרון סיפור עם גליה לוי גרד, תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
תיאטרון סיפור עם גליה לוי גרד, תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
תיאטרון סיפור עם גליה לוי גרד, תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
תיאטרון סיפור עם גליה לוי גרד, תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים

Galia puts on a little play, creating an intimate theater experience with objects and puppets. She presents a number of stories on the same topic with an emphasis on the visual.

Stories include

Stories for children ages 2-4

  • A Tale of a Carrot
  • Shushu and the Magic Hat
  • Duck Stories
  • Hey Elephant, Where Are You Hiding?
  • A Puppy, Soup and a Bone
  • The Spoiled Lion Only Loves Soup
  • Puppy With a Spot On His Back

Stories for children ages 4 and up

  • The Fisherman and the Golden Fish A unique version of the tale of the fisherman and the golden fish, using a technique whereby the plot moves forward via paper folding. Surprising transitions add a new layer to the familiar story.
  • The Paper Crane A paper-folding story based on a Chinese folk tale. Yang owns a thriving restaurant, but ever since they built a new road, no one comes anymore. One day, a poor stranger appears. Yang feeds him generously, and in return the stranger gives him a gift that changes his luck – a magical paper bird. A poetic tale about a crane that comes to life through paper folding, inspired by the art of origami.
  • The Chinese Cube Chinese stories emerge from a cube which folds, splits, divides and creates new forms and images, inspired by Chinese culture and art. The cube tells of little boy with a “green thumb" and a wise old emperor, the power of painting and skilled Chinese brothers whose exceptional talents end up saving their lives.
  • Hey, Elephant Small Object Theater made up of wooden puzzle pieces that are taken apart and put together
  • The Three Little Pigs A loose adaptation of the classic tale through the technique of object theater, in which children are active partners in the plot’s progression
  • A Mouse in the House Stories about mouse neighbors and prejudices, using puppets, props and lots of mice
  • The Secret in the Matchbox Story theater with props and the puppet, Shushu the Cat, based on the book by Val Willis
  • Giant Stories by David L. Harrison Story time with the puppet Bravo and props
  • Bear Stories, based on the stories of illustrator Eric Carle.

Participation in festivals

  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater and Film, Holon
  • International Puppet Theater Festival, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Coming Shows

Adaption, design, acting and manipulation: Galia Levy Grad

Ages 2-4: 30 minutes
Ages 4 and up: 45 minutes



Set-up: 30 minutes
Take-down: 15 minutes
Easy access: required
Electrical outlet: required
Maximum audience size: 60