the Train Theater

Wild Puppets

Jerusalem Puppet Festival Special production
The whole family

The Story of Dumma and Dummi
A journey to India in which we’ll learn how to deal with a hungry tiger in the woods, when it might be advisable to hide in a pumpkin and how a pancake can save your life. Bollywood style puppet and object theater with live animation and Indian cuisine with four hands.
Created and performed by Meital Raz & Keren Dembinsky

Join Putz and Kuntz on their journey around the globe. This time - to Russia! A musical performance combining clowning and mischievous object theater.
Created and performed by Tali Regev & Tsvi Petrakovski

Dans L'atelier
A short and wacky TOF theater performance describing the mishaps of a puppet under construction, who decides to take a stab at finishing up the job itself...   it struggles
with the elements, the materials, the objects, and sometimes even the manipulators themselves, never hesitating to tyrannize them… a performance without words.

Conception, writing, staging, scenography and puppets: Alain Moreau | Acting: Angela Malvasi & Yannick Duret

 45 ₪ Presale

 60 ₪ Full price

Children's club members included

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Artistic consultant: Noam Rubinstein

Dans L'atelier
Musical creation: Max Vandervorst

Lighting design: Dimitri Joukovsky

Creation and collaboration on the scenario: Sarah Demarthe and Emilie Plazolles

Participation in the project’s creation and scenario: Gilbert Epron and Dimitri Joukovsky

Supported by: 

Dans L'atelier  with the support of WBI

Babushka is a Train Theater outdoor work in process