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The Vilage of Fairies and Elves

Jerusalem Puppet Festival Special production
The whole family

Welcome to the Village of Fairies and Elves - an interdisciplinary art center at Liberty Bell Park: imaginary, legendary, a little scary, a lot funny… there you can find: a fairy band, an elf boutique, an upside down classroom, an enchanted tree, a market, a nursery for giant children and more.

There are elves and fairies hidden in every one of us - they’re here, they’re there, dammit - they’re everywhere!

20 artists will build the Interdisciplinary Art Site, at Liberty Bell Park especially for you.

The Magic Pumpkin - Nirit Neuman Grinberg

Lake of Tears - Galia Shomer

Village Boutique - Zohar Barak

The Cookie Heist - Avia Spitzer & Hila Flashkes

Inspired by "Noddy Gets into Trouble" by Enid Blyton

Elves Class - Yael Mushkin

Trixi and Phaedra - Gai Safran Lulai, Niva Alush

The Dreams Painter - Michal Gold Jungmann

The Whispering Tree - Caroline Attoun 

Cabin of the Little World - Aya Ganor & Sarah Sofer

Photo Atelier - Igor ve Anna

Elik & the Elves - Elik Harpaz

Mud Baby - Chihiro Tazuro

Secret Passage - Darja Lewin & Fika Magarik
To participate in the Secret Passage - you must bring earphones for your children and a smartphone

Babyfairysitter - Efrat Hadani

Scenograph Village - Romy Ginsburg

 25 ₪ Presale

 40 ₪ Full price

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With the support of Jerusalem Foundation