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Yoel said

The Train Theater

Dor Kedmi

Dor Kedmi

Dor Kedmi

A musical performance inspired by Yoel Hoffman’s book, “February is a Good Time to Buy Elephants”

The play, "Yoel Says," is about how the power of imagination can help prevent feelings of loneliness and bring people together.

Ronit waits for Yoel, author and her imaginary friend to arrive. When he doesn’t show up she is sorely disappointed. But in his stead, another friend arrives this time for real, accompanied by a huge musical instrument. Together they sing and play the bass, sousaphone, trumpet, flute, ukuleles, and even some miniature musical instruments. Using music and their imagination, they experience together courage and fear, sharing moments of solitude and companionship, quarrels and reconciliation, wistfulness and longing, and finally the great joy of their friendship.


Created by: Ronit Kano

Music and lyrics: Ronit Kano

Director, text editor:Marit Benyisrael

Acting, singing, live music:

Ronit Kano and Gershon Waiserfirer

Lighting design: Omer Sheizaf

Costume and props design:Tom Krasny

Artistic consultation: Naomi Yoeli

The production premiered at the Haifa International Children's Theater Festival in 2014 and was awarded four prizes: Best Performance, play ,direction and music