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Peter Rabbit

פיטר הארנב, הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
פיטר הארנב, הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים

An adaptation of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter

Peter is a mischievous rabbit who lives with his mother and three brothers in a burrow under the roots of a cypress tree. One day, Mrs. Rabbit goes out shopping after issuing a stern warning to her children not to go anywhere near Mr. McGregor’s garden. But Peter nonetheless sneaks into the garden where adventure, danger, and a happy ending await him and the audience.

The play features acting along with animation of dolls and props. The actress wears the tiny stage on her body, carrying its imaginary world into the audience where she allows the children to interact with it.

From the reviews

Nili Dvir artfully gets the children involved and active in the story of Peter Rabbit, whose entry onstage riding his tiny bicycle captures our hearts ...  The lovely minimalist scenery is also a feast for the eyesTal Gordon, Habamah site

Participation in festivals

  • Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater and Film, Holon

Design, acting and manipulation: Nili Dvir
Director: Iky Gilad
Artistic consultant:
Sharona Shapira z”l
Music: Eldad Lidor 
Set design and creation:
Maria Gurevich, Menachem Dvir
Produced: in collaboration with the Bell Theater