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The Picnic Club

The whole family

This year the Gan Hapaamon Park in Jerusalem is hosting the Picnic Club! Twenty producers, actors and artists are coming together to create a multidisciplinary site where they will present a visual outdoor picnic for all ages.


Come and join the picnic on icebergs in Antarctica, set the table for a tea party with the Mad Hatter, visit the puppet tents, wear the queen’s picnic dresses, follow the Russian nobility on a journey through the forest, study the Picnic Laws with the International Picnic Club Union Inspector, follow the field mouse while he celebrates inside the picnic basket, search for secret cabins on treetops, join Rosa and Zevik (you might recognize them as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf), play Imaginary Object Chess or watch the statues scattered around - all this inspired by the longstanding picnic culture.


Whoever has been to the ZOOO or the LUUUUNA PARK knows what we mean. Whoever hasn’t - can find out at the Picnic Club and enjoy this one of a kind experience as part of the Jerusalem Puppet Festival.


*Definition: “A picnic is a meal brought in a basket and eaten in a public park or outdoors on a blanket, with family or friends. The origin of the word “picnic” is the french term “pique-nique” (in free translation: to catch something). After the French Revolution the royal parks opened to the public. One of the pastimes that developed at these parks included meals that eventually became the traditional picnic as we know them today. In the beginning of the 19th century the Picnic Club was established in London and they brought the French tradition of eating in parks alongside games and music to England.” (Wikipedia)

For the Whole Family

25 NIS - Early bird tickets, available until 08/11/18 by midnight or until sold out. 

40 NIS - Standard price, available after early bird tickets sell out and on festival dates. 

Supported by

Sponsored by the Jerusalem Foundation, The Israel Lottery Council for Art and Culture, The Israel-France Season.