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Puppet Theater for Infants

Practical course in story theater for young children aged 2-4

Illustration: Batia Kolton

Artistic director: Galia Levy-Grad
Artistic committee: Dalia Yaffe-Maayan, Alina Ashbal, Shahar Marom, Shoshi Feld, Galia Levy-Grad
Coordinator: Tammy Izhaky

In brief
A practical course in a small group setting. The course will include the characteristics of young children, selecting material for this age group, constructing a story hour, and building puppets and visual aids. All of this is done in the context of creating a simple production geared towards a young audience. The course will deal in object theater, toys, materials and imagery to create a small, poetic theater world in which content and atmosphere are meticulously adapted to the target audience.

Course goal
To create a story theater presentation for young children, approximately 30 minutes in length. Suitable shows will be chosen by the Artistic Committee and adopted by the Train Theater.

Course participation
The course is open to artists of all fields, theater people and storytellers who love working with very young children and who aspire to create and perform for them.

What is Theater for Toddlers?
Story theater for infants is a combination of storytelling and theater, suitable for children aged 2 – 4 and lasting some 30 minutes. A “story” in this case may be a song or medley of songs, or without words. Story theater uses all the methods of visual theater and artistic puppet theater but more freely and on a smaller scale. This is the child’s first exposure to the world of theater. Presenting the story is done in an attentive and dynamic manner, while relating and reacting to the young audience.

The Train Theater, Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem

Meeting schedule
The course begins in November
14 meetings, once every two weeks
Sundays 4 – 8 PM

Meeting dates: see attached file

  • The Train Theater reserves the right to change the course dates.
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