Leonid Elisov | the Train Theater

Leonid Elisov


Graduate of the College of Theater and Performance Arts in Odessa, Ukraine, as set designer and puppeteer.


Designer and puppeteer in a marionette opera, performed at The Royal Music Academy in Hague, as part of a final project by Sasha Agranov.

He worked as a designer at Bubima, a studio for puppet and theater props design and at the Bubanoa Puppet Theater.

His works were featured in "The Magic of Puppets" exhibition in Haifa in 2009.

In 2009, Leonid partnered with theater designer Oksana Yanovitsky.

Leonid created costumes and sets for various productions:

  • New World Order, Molly Sweeney, The Game of Love and Chance – Khan Theater.
  • Ananotza – Noa Dar Dance Group
  • Popper – The Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv
  • Fly-a-Buzz-Buzz – Ensemble "Phizi"
  • Petunia – Bubotaim Theater
  • The Witch Hunter – The Nissan Nativ Acting Studio
  • The Dictator's Mother Wondrous Cabaret
  • The Evolution of Love, by Michal Svironi
Performances with this Artist