Adam Yakin | the Train Theater

Adam Yakin

Director, actor, mask and set designer.

Studied in Jacque Lecoq School of Theater, Paris, and Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem. Specializes in giant puppet theater, object and object theater, and location-dependent performances.

Yakin is a teacher at the Center for Puppet Theater in Holon and at the University of Memphis, director and an artistic director at the Dancing Ram Theater and the Tatata theater group in Jerusalem.

Yakin has written, directed, and designed over 50 different productions for children in collaboration with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra – featuring opera singers, dancers, actors and soloists.

He has directed location-dependent performances at HaZira Performance Art Arena (Jerusalem), Théâtre Pandora (Paris), Taules Teatre (Mexico City), The Istanbul International Puppet Theater Festival, for Jerusalem municipality, for the Bat-Yam and Balabasta festivals, and in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the Train Theater, he directed and designed Hide and Seek, Elvis's New Clothes, Elvis Extra-Large and Giant Puppets Shake the Market.

His car is in repair most of the time, but he's alwas happy to ride the bus where he can have people tell him their life stories and teach him songs in different languages.

Performances with this Artist