Yaron Edelstein

Play writer and director. Graduate of the Theater Direction Program at Kibbutzim College of Education.

Wrote and/or directed the following shows:

  • Mountain – a Trilogy (Notzar Theater)
  • Pffffffff (Akko Festival/The Incubator)
  • Nana's Friends (Tmoona)
  • The Creature (Tzavta)
  • The Good Soldier Schweik (Kibbutzim College)
  • The Little Mole Rat (independent production)
  • The Vampire, the Thief, the Whore, and the Moon

Member of the improvisation ensembles "Eco Playback" and "Hakol Barosh".


  • Heidelberger Stückemarkt Award for the writing of Mountain – a Trilogy.
  • "Best Director" and "Best Adaptation" in fringe for 2010, for the show The Creature (shared with Tal Brener)
  • The award for "Best Show" at Akko Festival 2013 for the show Pffffffff, which he wrote and directed with Aharon Levin.

About me

"I have oatmeal porridge every morning, into which I add precisely six almonds, two dates, and about half a banana. It's only on very rare occasions that I deviate from this practice."

Performances with this Artist