Patricia O'Donovan | the Train Theater

Patricia O'Donovan

A puppeteer, director, playwright, performer, designer and teacher.

Patricia was born in Argentina and lives in Israel since 1978.
In Buenos Aires she was member of one of the first groups of Shadow Theater in Latin America: "Transparencias".
In 1970 she got her degree in Biology from the National University of Buenos Aires.
In Jerusalem she graduated from the School for Visual Theater (1989), and got her doctorate in Zoology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD, 1988). As well she holds a Postgraduate Degree in Theater Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz (1990) 

Patricia is one of the leading puppeteers in Israel. Her shows are invited to major puppet theater festivals around the world, and tour extensively throughout Israel and Europe, where Patricia performs in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and German. Her show 'A Touch of Light' (Nekudat Or/ Louis L'Enfant de la Nuit, Lichtschimmer), created in 1994 and produced by the Train Theater of Jerusalem has performed more than 2,500 times in France alone, and continues to be acclaimed by the public and critics until today. 

From 2007 until 2010 she acted as Head of UNIMA-Israel, the International Association of Puppet Theater. Patricia is a pioneer of Science-Theater in Israel, where over the years she has combined her knowledge of the two fields. Working with the Boomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem since its inception in 1992, Patricia has been promoting the understanding of science through theater in dozens of shows and exhibitions.

She has received numerous prizes, and for her work has twice been nominated for two of Israel's most prestigious awards, the Landau-Mifal Ha Pays Prize for Theater Arts , Science and Research, 2012 and for the EMET Prize for Art, Science and Culture, 2005, in the category of acting and directing.

Together with a full schedule as a performer and director Patricia gives workshops, individual tutoring and teaches theater at major academic institutions in Jerusalem. 

Since October 2015 she directs and manages the AMBULO Company dedicated to Puppet,Object and Shadow Theater performances for children and adults.

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