Vali Mintzi | the Train Theater

Vali Mintzi

Illustrator, graphic designer and puppet theater designer.

Vali was born in Romania, where she attended the High School for Arts in Bucharest. In Israel, she studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and participated in the Hamama Program at the Train Theater.

She received the Israel Museum Ben Yitzhak Award for her illustrations in the book "Ktantana Bagina".

She works as a graphic designer and illustrator at Einaim (“Eyes”) children magazine.

Vali worked as a graphic designer for art, cultural and educational institutions (Shrine of the Book and the Youth Wing of Israel Museum, School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and Tali Education Fund).

She designed children’s shows for the Train Theater (Tailor Made and Pippi Longstocking in the Circus)

Vali has illustrated several books in Hebrew, including: Madicken, Shiraz's Heart, Our Fairy Tales, Bubble Gum Seeds, Haneke and Fit, A Girl from Another Planet and Signs in the Well.

She lives in Jerusalem with her partner, three daughters, black dog, two cats and a bunch of fish.

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