Rinat Sternberg | the Train Theater

Rinat Sternberg


Graduate of the Visual Theater School

Major Work

  • 2013 “Madam Kloom” ― creator, designer, writer, actor
  • 2012 “The House at the Edge of the Lake” ― co-creator and actor
  • 2011 “Ferdinand the Bull” ― writer, creator, designer, actor
  • 2005 “The Fish Came Out First” ― creator and actor
  • 2002 “Lola Eternity” ― creator, writer, designer, actor

Artistic Language

Clowning, object and imagery theater, characters and storytelling. Focus on topics relevant to the search for happiness, insanity and normalcy, relationships, love and fear, existence, sustainability and more, expressed lightly through laughter to make them accessible and relevant to all ages.

Scholarships and Awards

Two excellence awards from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation; citation by the Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival for multi-disciplinary work.

A little about me

I am a mother and a partner, living on a hill overlooking the sea. I am devoted to my essence and role of being, creating, and bringing the stage to life. I endeavor to make myself and others laugh and become emotionally involved. I enjoy the process of creating, changing, constructing, thinking, rehearsing, writing and revising until I achieve my vision. Most of all, I enjoy living through my creations, being someone and something else, and awakening with the audience again and again. The creation usually connects to topics relevant in my life, the search for happiness, insanity and normalcy, relationships, love and fear, existence and sustainability and more… all these are expressed lightly through laughter so they are accessible and encompassing for all ages.

Performances with this Artist