The Train Theater General Manager and Artistic Director

Dalia Yaffe-Maayan & Shahar Marom

Dear Audience and Distinguished Guests,

This year, the Festival is being held in a fairground atmosphere, and the very best Israeli and international artists from France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Russia and Spain are joining us at this year’s festival which has become an annual Jerusalem tradition.

Each day features dozens of performances for all ages in a variety of artistic vernaculars, with unique performances that bring to the stage new trends from contemporary puppet theater.

On opening night, we welcome the fusion/visual-musical sound of the  System Ali Band in a joint performance with puppet theatre artists.

Every afternoon, our flagship production Luuuna Park, our interdisciplinary fairground, takes place in Liberty Bell Park where artists present works inspired by fairground rides and Wonderful Weirdo Fairs.

Every evening in the Khan Theater courtyard, you are invited to enjoy free musical cabaret in the sweet, cool mountain air with a glass of wine.

The Festival is delighted once again to host directors of the annual “International Exposure” events with the kind, generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs.

We would like to say a special thank you to the members of the General Assembly Committee of the Train Theater, the Governing Council and the chairman, Attorney Koby Amster, as well as to the members of the artistic committee and other societies and organizations who work together with great devotion to organize and run the Festival.

We welcome the artists and guests to the Festival, and extend our thanks to the staffs of the Train Theater and the Festival.


Dalia Yaffe-Maayan, CEO

Shahar Marom, Artistic Director