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International Exposure Program

In collaboration with the Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs, Israel Foreign Ministry

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

The International Festival encourages continuous dialogue between artists, theater groups and audience through cultural meeting and exchange.

Serving this propose an “International Exposure Program" is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel.

The 26th edition of The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalemwas held between August 6th – August 10th 2017 with guests from Germany, Turkey, Belarus, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, South Korea and China. 

The Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs, Israel Foreign Ministry:

Raphael Gamzou - Deputy Director General, Head of the Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs

Ofra Ben-Yaakov - Director of Arts Department

Rachel Nir - Performing Arts Section

​Natalia Amelia Saied – International Exposure coordinator

For further information please contact: