The Jerusalem Foundation

President: Yohanna Arbib-Perugia

Dear Friends,

This is a year for special year for the Train Theater and for the Jerusalem Foundation. We are now in the process of preparing the groundwork for the foundation of the Train Theater’s new building in Koret Liberty Bell Park and we continue to work in earnest to bring this to fruition.

What started as a seemingly odd initiative of four young, imaginative artists who found an old blue train car in a dump in  Tel Aviv will finally have a home where it can expand its activities and audiences. We are excited about this renewal, building a complex that is specifically for children, with state of the art materials and a place to have outdoor and indoor plays. Our deepest appreciation goes to the Davidson family from London who wanted to build a significant project for children in Jerusalem. They fell in love with the Train Theater’s special magic and charm and it is thanks to them that we can realize this dream.

The Train Theater produces the Puppet Festival every year and brings a festival of color, imagination and joy. This year, the Festival has expanded its offering and has a wide variety of plays for adults and children that reveal far-away worlds, different cultures and enchanting stories to Jerusalem’s children. Through puppets, young audiences learn about tolerance, coexistence and understanding toward the other, important values for Israeli society, now more than ever.

Wishing you and yours much enjoyment,


Yohanna Arbib-Perugia

President, The Jerusalem Foundation