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Boom boom bole!

Bubbling Theater

Boom Boom Bole!

Bubbling Theater

Ages 2-4

40 min.

No words


A pair of clowns, Boom and Bole, wander from city to city like Troubadours in the Middle Ages. With a cart full of objects and lots of water and soap, they, along with the audience, blossom dreams and hopes in shapes of bubbles. 

A show without words, combining clowning, object theater and of course – soap bubbles. 


Joint creation of Lee Nahat Shallom and Tamara Kowalsky

Directing: Lee Nahat Shallom

Acting: Tamara Kowalsky and Lee Nahat Shallom

Stage and costumes design: Yasmeen Wolek

Props: Boaz Nir Shallom

Original music: Tamara Kowalsky

Production: Bubbling theater

Monday | 23.8 | 17:00, 19:00 | Outdoor Stage | Free