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Photography: Dafi Sapunar

Photography: Dafi Sapunar

Photography: Dafi Sapunar

Photography: Dafi Sapunar

Dear Kindergarten Teachers,

The Train Theater is delighted to present to Jerusalem kindergartens the show “Pirate in the Bath, Series 3: Toys

About the show

The exciting, moving, entertaining show makes surprising use of children’s everyday environment―the bathroom, its toys, fixtures and accessories, and takes the audience on an amazing and adventure-filled journey full of imagination and wonder.   

Brief outline of the performance and its main theme

Sammy the Pirate enjoys a peaceful life, sailing in his ship in the company of his beloved ducks. But one day, he receives a call from Sharona, the representative of the International Pirates’ Association. She demands to know whether he holds a pirate’s license. Shocked by the question, Sammy answers “no” and is told that if he intends to continue being a pirate, he must acquire a license without further delay. “But how?” Sammy asks Sharona, who replies by giving him detailed instructions: “The pirate must fight his enemies and adversaries and, of course, find treasure!” Sammy immediately sets out on a mission, but it’s not as easy as he thinks.

Our hero finds himself not only combating mosquitoes, but also struggling with his own conscience. Sammy has a soft heart and can’t even kill a mosquito when it pleads for its life, much less a nasty creature who only moments before threatened to gobble up his duck. The most painful dilemma for Sammy is whether he can sacrifice his ducks in order to obtain his license and the needed recognition from the International Pirates’ Association. Surprisingly, just when Sammy follows his conscience and is not willing to give up on the things that he holds dear, he discovers that the treasure has been hiding in plain sight all along: the mosquito in his bath.

This production of “Pirate in the Bath” brings an additional perspective to the Science Museum’s exhibition, “Toys.” The performance is set in the bathroom, a space with which every child is familiar. For the hero of the story, Sammy the Pirate, the bathtub is his pirate ship, and the bathtub’s fixtures, accessories and toys take on different meanings for him: the plastic ducks are his family, the showerhead his telephone, the plug and chain his anchor and rope, while the bathroom tiles transform into longitude and latitude lines on a treasure map that fades in and out on the wall. The performance consists of dynamic images that plunge the audience from the bathroom directly into a stormy voyage during which the bathtub revolves and emerges as a submarine, a desert island and more.

Dialogue between the actors and pupils before or after the performance

The actors talk with the children about the various toys that appear in the show, contrasting their original purpose and function with the function that they fulfill in the play. They also discuss the notion of what a pirate is, because as pirates, we can overcome any problem, and everyone can be his or her own pirate. Do the children know any pirates? Do pirates even exist?

Discussion points for kindergarten teachers before the show

Children will see the performance after visiting the Science Museum exhibit where they will have played with a variety of toys and learned how to restore them, how to construct new toys from the parts of old toys, and more. During the performance, they will be exposed to another use for the toys: to transform an object/toy from its limited state where it only has one function, using the power of their imaginations to give it new life.

The performance is set in a bathroom where the children will identify with the familiar space and objects and enjoy seeing how these objects take on new and exciting significance. In addition, most children love adventure stories, in particular those which include treasure and brave pirates. Children are not always familiar, however, with what a pirate is. In order to explain to them the correct meaning of the word, old and new stories about pirates may be read to the children.

Discussion points for kindergarten teachers after the show

The various toys that appeared in the play may be discussed, including their original function and how they were used in the show.

Could additional toys have been used in the show? What bath toys are the children familiar with? Do they have other toys at home that could have a story spun around them in other settings? Can any toy be played with in the bathtub?

  • Additional information about the series (including the visit to the Science Museum, musical meetings at the kindergarten and performances) may be found on the Jerusalem Advantage website.
  • Information about the performance is available on the Train Theater website.
  • The show can be performed for 3-4 kindergartens in the neighborhood library or in the school hall.

Price for kindergartens

For three kindergartens: 720 NIS per kindergarten
For four kindergartens: 540 NIS per kindergarten

For further details and to arrange a performance, contact Ella Gil  at 02-561-8514, extension 3, or