Performances for children - Indoor & outdoor

By Carles Porta
Hopa Trop Company
Pop Up by Jacopo Niccoli
PuppetVan by Dor Kedmi


Quality and Imaginative Puppet Theater for Your Children

The Puppet Theater invites you and your children to watch high quality shows with a rich, imaginative visual language from puppet theaters around the world. The festival offers performances for all ages, from wordless performances for toddlers, to shows incorporating the participation of older children, to performances based on well-known stories. Every boy and girl, at every age, can enjoy the Puppet Festival!

The show venues are all located within easy walking distance of one another. Park near one of the venues which appear on the Festival venue map, then walk from one show to another. Some shows take place in an auditorium, while others are outdoor events.

Your fun day in Jerusalem starts with us!

10:30-13:00   Morning performances and an art workshop

*13:00, 14:00  Join us for free short performances, Gulah Coffee House, The First Station

16:00-17:00   Afternoon performances and an art workshop

17:30-20:30   Come every day and visit the Luuuuna Park, a space of fun, festival and art

*except Tuesday

Once the kids have gone to sleep, we have a full program for adults.

Curious? Check out our full festival program.

We look forward to seeing you in Jerusalem!