Journey on a Broomstick - Storytelling Theater

Storytelling Theater for toddlers by Limor Wexselblatt
צילום: דור קדמי


Journey on a Broomstick – a colorful theatrical arrangement of Julia Donaldson’s story.

A kind, sweet little witch with a top notch wand and a long braid tied in a bow embarks on a journey on… a broomstick.

On her journey she encounters a trickster cat, a single dog, a bouncy frog, and a green feathered crow.

At the end of her flight however, her broomstick breaks – CRASH!

Will we be able to save the little witch? Will we be able to defeat the dragon? Will we be able to use magic?

A festive story time filled with surprises and combined with a beautiful set, unique puppets, a broom or two, and musical instruments. 


By Limor Wexselblatt