System Ali سيستم عالي/ Premiere | the Train Theater

System Ali سيستم عالي/ Premiere

Opening Performance - Quadrilingual Hip Hop

System Ali

A special performance to celebrate the opening of the Puppet Festival:

System Ali together with the festival artists in a one-time  Quadrilingual Hip Hop

System Ali, The only band of its kind that performs songs in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English-the mother tongue of its nine musicians. They can naturally synthesize hip-hop and black groove music, adding elements of Arabic, Gypsy and even jazz-rock.

The music and words draw inspiration from diverse sources such as Fairuz, Egyptian music, Biblical texts and military bands. The band touches on painful, sensitive subjects honestly and critically, alongside social activities in the streets of Jaffa and Bat Yam in search of a new voice that represents the new generation of multicultural art—fearless and groundbreaking.

In honor of the International Puppet Festival, System Ali will host the festival puppeteers in a unique, exhilarating musical experience.

Guest artists Hila Flashkes and Orit Mimrud will perform an excerpt from “Why Did the Fish Cry?”, the Train Theater.

Vitaly Azarin, Losha Gavrielov and Fyodor Makarov of the Divai Group will perform an excerpt from “Under Construction.”

Anna and Igor will perform an excerpt from “De la Shmatte Project ”, Hanut Theater Gallery.

Drum:  Stav Lipitz 

Bass:  Johnathan Dayan 

Vocals:  Enver Setibragimov 

Vocals: Muhammad Aguani 

Vocals: Muhammed Mugrabi 

Guitars & Vocals: Yonatan Kunda 

Guitars & Vocals: Luna Abu Nassar 

Accordion & Vocals: Neta Weiner 

Violin & Vocals: Liba Neeman


For adults

40 minutes

Sunday, 6.8 | 21:30 

YMCA - Auditorium