Luuuuna Park/ Premiere | the Train Theater

Luuuuna Park/ Premiere

multi-disciplinary art project

A brand new amusement park for little kids—and big ones—is opening in Jerusalem!

"Luuuuna", Similar to last year’s “Zoooo” at the Liberty Bell Park, is a multi-disciplinary art project which allows the whole family to experience a sassy, playful fairground. The “Luuuuna” park is open from Monday to Thursday, 10-16 August 2017, as part of the International Puppet Theater Festival.

“Luuuuna” is a place of secrets that entices the audience with its fairground attractions, hall of illusions, an imaginary global journey in the ghost train, and a battleground where a girl kung-fu fighter triumphs over monsters, as well as such Wonderful Weirdos as the Bearded Lady, Siamese Twins and many many more….

You are cordially invited to visit “Luuuuna” to be amused and fascinated by experiences like you have never seen before!

For the whole family

Monday-Thursday 7-10.8 | 17:30, 18:30, 19:30

The Liberty Bell Garden

25 NIS

List of works and artists: Miniland - Rina Pinchover I  Door Maze - Noa Biran, Roey Talmon I Kung-Fu Fighter Versus the Red Monster -Yoanna Blickman, Renana Aldor I Who can hear the Ghosts? Sharon Gabay I Train Ticket - Guy Cohen, Yoav Ziv, Shai Cohen I Siamese Twins - Orit Mamrud, Rotem Goldenberg I Moon Garden - Michal Abulafia I The Beauty is the Beast - Sally Krysztal Kramberg I Hall of Fame -Oree Holban, Assistants - Nava Aizescu,   Raz Gomeh I Clouds - Yaron Kerbel  Cosmic Wash - Yonatan Solaj  I  The Mirror Priestess - Inbar Luiza Algazi I The Kinetoscope! -May Alon I Space Station - Karel Zeman Museum; Actor: Jack Shvili

Exhibition of Illustrations: Karel Zeman Museum

Venue managers: Hadas Ophrat, Shahar Marom

Production: The Train Theater, International Puppet Theater, Jerusalem.

The Space Station: With the generous support of the Karel Zeman Museum, Prague and the Czech Cultural Centre

Staged with the support and generosity of the
  • Israel National Lottery Council for the Arts
  • Jerusalem Development Authority
  • The Jerusalem Foundation
  • The Czech Institute
  • Embassy of the Czech Republic
  • Karel Zeman Museum, Czech Republic 

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