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Puppet Theater Art Styles

School of Puppet Theater and Drama Students

Haim Yafim


Directed by Dvora Zafrir

A performance of puppets, both modern and classic, abstract and realistic, attached to rods and strings, animated using fingers and hands, using hidden or obvious manipulation, a variety of materials, telling lots of stories.

Excerpts directed and produced by Bella Shakatov, Shlomit Lipshitz, Dvorah Tsafrir
Editing and general direction: Aliza Ben Yehuda
Participants: Etti Tannami, Maya Gordin, Anat Samochi, Orly Alters, Shachar Or, Moran Ben Moshe, Elian Ben Hur, Hani Ostrovsky

For the whole family

Monday, 7.8 | 13:00, 14:00

The First Station, Gula Hall

Free entrance