Israel Foreign Ministry - Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs

Raphael Gamzou Head of the Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs


Dear Guests,

Welcome to Israel and to Jerusalem on the occasion of the 26th International Festival of Puppet Theater.

The Division of Cultural and Scientific Relations of the Israel Foreign Ministry is proud to be a dedicated, long-standing partner of the Festival. This year we are honored once again to bring festival directors from around the world, who over the course of the week of the Festival, will be able to experience the work of Israeli artists, veterans and young artists, as well as recent graduates of the local art schools.

This exposure has already borne fruit and led to the strengthening of cultural relations and cooperation between Israel and the world, which has in turn afforded Israeli artists the opportunity to be invited to, and participate in, international events.

This year, The Train Theater, as initiator and producer of the Festival, will hold a special event entitled “Luuuna Park,” an interdisciplinary project under the guidance of Hadas Ophrat and Shahar Marom.

The festival have joined forces with the Jerusalem International YMCA, an institution which provides cultural facilities in an atmosphere of equality, cooperation and respect for individuals of every belief, community and faith. The YMCA will host the Puppet Festival’s bilingual performances in Hebrew and Arabic, the two official languages of Israel..

Pulling the strings behind the important activities of the Train Theater, including this wonderful festival, are Dalia Yaffe Maayan and her dedicated staff who deserve thanks and praise.

To all the visitors, artists from Israel and abroad, and Festival directors who join us from overseas, I wish great enjoyment and an exciting artistic experience, and to all of us—may we enjoy this rich profusion of Israeli art in peace and tranquillity, here and everywhere.



Raphael Gamzou

Head of the Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs

Israel Foreign Ministry