Meeting: International Exposure | the Train Theater

Meeting: International Exposure

The International Exposure for Puppet and Visual Theater has been an integral part of the festival for the last 13 years. Professionals from all over the world - festival directors, theaters and cultural entities - are exposed to the featured contents of the festival. Many Israeli creators began their international careers as a result of exposure in the festival. The Train Theater views the festival as an important platform to promote Israeli stage arts in the world.

An exposure event in which Israeli puppet and visual theater artists will present their works. On the other side, festival directors and cultural organizations from all over the world will present their activities and themselves. Each will have only three minutes, on the clock!

The audience is invited to join, meet and be inspired.

19.8 Mon. 13:00 
Beit Alliance, 5 Ki’akh St

By Mahane Yehuda Market

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