Meeting: Artists Dialogue

An artist dialogue on the unique way of visual creation on stage, with 4 prominent creators who perform all over the world and in the festival.

Facilitator: Shahar Marom - Artistic Director of the Train Theater and the Jerusalem Puppet Festival

Alain Moreau

Actor, puppeteer and director. Founder of the Belgian TOF Theater, a 30-year-old puppet theater group. The main focus of his work is the dynamics between the puppeteer and the manipulated puppet, which are 5cm and up to 5m tall.

Dans L'atelier presented in the show titled Wild Puppets

Maayan Resnik

Designer, creator and actress. Works with the Train Theater for young audiences and independently for adult audiences. The artistic search begins from the materials, exploring their physical abilities, and from there to manipulating and creating a puppet.

A Concert in the Sand, A Sick Day for Morris McGee, Silvery

Nick Steur

An interdisciplinary visual artist from the Netherlands.
In his work he explores raw materials, their construction and movement space, and the audience-artist dynamics that emerge.  


Ariel Doron

Puppeteer, director and actor. In the last years he was invited to direct and teach at many theaters in Germany. The work begins from a chosen medium, and forms through the amusement of manipulating it.

Plastic Heroes, Boxed

21.8 Wed. 
Mamuta Art Reasearch Center
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