The Cubes Circus

Without words
קרקס קוביות הצגת תיאטרון חזותי הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון
קרקס קוביות הצגת תיאטרון חזותי הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון
קרקס קוביות הצגת תיאטרון חזותי הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון
קרקס קוביות הצגת תיאטרון חזותי הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון

How would you train a dog-cube?

At the Cubes Circus, anything can happen! A couple of clown-dancers set in motion a wondrous world of cubes. They wear cubes, dance with them and create a joyful world.

An original performance combining puppetry, visual art and dance-theater.

The show has won many prizes and performs in festivals around the world.


  • Festival Cirkul'art, Bratislava, Slovakia 2016
  • Gyeonggi Puppet Festival, Suwon, South Korea 2016
  • Best Performance at the 2014 Red Festival, Moscow
  • Performance of the Year Interdisciplinary Award for  Puppet and Accessory Design, in the 2012 Stage Award for Children's Performances Competition
  • Best Performance, the 2010 International Puppet Theater Festival, Slovakia

From the reviews

A performance based on the highly imaginative use of blocks that attach to the bodies of two actors/dancers and transform into all sorts of shapes and creatures.  The acting is superb with delightful musical accompaniment, and the result is a light, intelligent and highly enjoyable play that adults will enjoy, too.Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yediot Aharonot

This show emanates magic in a way we haven’t seen onstage for a long time.  One actor and one actress, working seamlessly together … create an entire world out of cubes ... with a combination of clever lighting effects and impressive hand and body work.  Towards the end of the show, when a ballerina wearing a skirt of cubes twirled sweetly onstage to a dreamy melody, I felt my child melt in my arms, and I melted completely along with her.Noa Rivlin, Time Out

Lovers of movement and dance can’t help but enjoy the show and be moved and thrilled by this bit of dance theater with no words, but plenty of blocks. The performance conveys the unique beauty of puppet theater, the integration and collaboration between the puppets’ and accessories’ creator on the one hand, and the actors/operators on the other.  The fantastic acting and movement of the actors/dancers, their sounds and facial expressions, bring the cubes to life...  The synchronous movement between the live characters and the cubes is so perfect, it’s hard to know which came first – actor or cube, dancer or box.Nurit Assayag, Achbar Ha’Ir Online

Participation in the following festivals:

  • International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem
  • Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater
  • Visiting Arlekin, Intern. Festival of Puppet Theatres, Omsk, Russia 2015
  • Playground Israel Festival in Berlin, Germany 2015
  • Red Mood Intern. Puppet Festival of Small Forms, Moscow, Russia 2014
  • Ishara Puppet Festival, New Delhi, India 2013
  • International Festival of Puppetry Art, Bielsko-Biala, Poland 2012
  • International Puppet - Mime Festival of Kilkis, Greece 2012
  • Little Ladies Little Gentlemen International Children's Theatre Festival, Ankara, Turkey, 2011
  • Malta Festival Poland 2011
  • The Naive Theatre Liberec, Festival MATEŘINKA 2011
  • Festival BÁBKARSKÁ BYSTRICA 2010, Slovakia (winner of first prize in the children shows section) Golem Theater Jewish kids’ theater festival Budapest, Hungary, 2010 
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25.2 Tue 17:00

Concept and Design: 
Galia Levy-Grad
Nir LandaRotem Goldenberg
Galia Levy-Grad, Marit Ben-Israel
Artistic Language and Script Development: Marit Ben-Israel
Music: Avi Benjamin
Lighting Design: Dov Mielnik
Production: The Train Theater

Supported by

National Lottery Council for the Arts